Thursday, August 29, 2013

another Book of Kells sketch

4x6", acrylic on printed book page
Having a lot of fun sketching and scratching in this Book of Kells.  Here's another sketch I did during the Sketchbook Drawsome session at the studio last night.


Radford Thomas said...

Really beautiful images you are doing. Where may I see more?

Radford Thomas

Vanessa Lemen said...

hi Radford. Thank you for the nice comment. I am continuing to work in this book of Kells to eventually fill each page. Right now, I have several pages filled with about 10 pages to go. I've only scanned and posted 4 of the sketches, but I do have many more that I will eventually scan and post in time. I'd also like to get the whole book published as a collection. Still need to fill the pages though at the moment! I hope to have the collection published by July of this year. I'll post info here about it when I do for sure! Thanks again!