Friday, February 27, 2015

new painting - Helen - oil on board

Helen, oil on board painting - Helen, oil on board, 6x16"
This painting is small and really long/tall/skinny.  I included a detail of the head area to show the looseness of the painting - the fun stuff!  :)  The painting is available on .  -this painting is sold-
Helen, oil on board - detail on left, full painting on right

Thursday, February 26, 2015

another sketch in my book of Kells sketchbook

acrylic sketch in my book of Kells sketchbook
..another sketch in my book of Kells sketchbook. I started the sketch on the right side first, and the look of how the crows are shaped around the head reminded me a bit of Klimt's “Mermaids” painting.. so the left side was added later as sort of an homage to that painting. This is acrylic, with a little bit of graphite – and some sanding and scraping too. The words on the left page are from the text on the book page showing through, which reads “the head appears in various guises”. (9x6”)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

a couple new sketches from the book of Kells sketchbook

 here are a couple new acrylic sketches in the book of Kells sketchbook.  Both are acrylic and a bit of graphite, 4x6" on book page.