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Portolio of Selected Recent Works

Below is a selection of some of the recent paintings I've done for various commissions, illustration work, gallery work, and personal work as well. I'm currently working on a body of paintings exploring the human condition and our emotional complexities especially when faced with the unknown. This work contains form-driven abstracts describing a conglomeration of emotions through imagery. I'm very excited about these paintings, and I've shared a few on the Muddy Colors blog where I post monthly articles about my process and thoughts about art and life. You can find a list of my articles that contain images, some step-by-steps and more information by clicking here . There are a couple other projects I'm currently working on that I'm excited to share very soon as well. I will update here about those soon, and for my more frequent updates, you can find me mainly on Instagram @vanessalemen where I share WIPs, sketches, experiments, ideation, announcements about show

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