Friday, January 19, 2018

Mindfulness - Listen To The Lost Painting

Listen - oil on panel, a WIP that I now call "The Lost Painting" because it has since morphed into something a bit different

Sharing my most recent article posted on the Muddy Colors blog - Mindfulness - Listen To The Lost Painting.  The article is mainly about resourcefulness and mindfulness - which are innate qualities we all have, and it's up to us to cultivate them.
To read the article, click on this link:  Mindfulness - Listen To The Lost Painting by Vanessa Lemen


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy New Year! - some new, some old(ish)

Starting off the new year sharing an article in the January 2018 issue of San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles Magazine.  I have been featured in their list of 10 Stars of San Diego this year for their 10th Anniversary of Stars of San Diego. If you're a San Diego local, you can pick up the magazine at various magazine stands in the area- or read the digital version of my 2-page feature here (click the image to download and/or view larger):

photo on left by Martin Mann / article/interview by Mark Hiss


I also want to share a couple paintings finished just before the end of year in December 2017.

This painting, Diana, was finished for a commission.  Oil on yupo, 9x12"
Diana, oil on yupo, 9x12" (sold)

And this painting (below) was my last for Every Day Original in 2017.
Aki (The song in her eyes), oil on acrylic on yupo, 4x6"
She stirs the soil and sings it back to life: "Be ground. Be crumbled, so wildflowers will come up where you are."
Aki (The song in her eyes), oil/acrylic on yupo, 4x6" (sold)


I also want to share a few of my last articles on Muddy Colors, which I had forgotten to post links to here when the last few months were very busy.

From October, in my article "Promise, Process, and Beyond", I go over a bit about my painting, Promise, and the process and a bit about how the painting came about.
click here to read that article:  Promise, Process, and Beyond by Vanessa Lemen

on left: beginning stage of my painting, Promise / on right: the finished painting

From November, in my article "Subconscious Riffs While Painting" on Muddy Colors, I share a bit about the everyday thought process, how thoughts come in and go out from conscious to subconscious, and how I've learned to assimilate them and use that as part of the process (because it's inevitable). Mindfulness is good.
click here to read that article:  Subconscious Riffs While Painting by Vanessa Lemen

slivers of a few of my newer paintings

From December, in my article "Artist Inspiration - James Gleeson", I share one of my favorite artists' work along with excerpts/quotes that demonstrate a bit of his words and philosophy as well.
click here to read that article:  Artist Inspiration - James Gleeson by Vanessa Lemen

Portrait Of The Artists As Evolving Landscape by James Gleeson

Thanks for a great 2017!  I'm looking forward to an even better year in 2018!