Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Two shows and lots of new work!

Well, the last few months have been a blur, crazy busy with a couple shows at the end of October, and other work outside of that as well.  I do have a lot of new work to post - soon!  For now, I am posting a few pics from two shows that were at the end of October - IX Arts in PA, and ARC Select: Contemporary Figures exhibit at Rehs Contemporary Gallery in NYC.

Below is a pic of my space at IX Arts, and following that are a few images of some of the paintings that were showing in that space.  Then scroll down to see images from the show in NY at Rehs..
at IX Arts 
Freya, oil on yupo, 5x7, (sold)

Koa, oil on panel, 5x7 (sold)

Luma, oil on panel, 8x10 (sold)

Mavi, oil on collage on panel, 5x7 (sold)

Below are pics from the exhibition at Rehs Contemporary Galleries in NYC, as well as images of each of the paintings I showed at the exhibition.
my work at Rehs Contemporary Gallery (shot panoramic, so sort of warped here. scroll down to see pics below for better images of the work)

At Rehs Contemporary Gallery with Marc Scheff and Tim Rees.  Their work was also in this 6-artist show.

At Rehs Contemporary Gallery with Ron 
Harmony In The Ebb And Flow, oil on panel, 16x20"

To Rise Again, oil on panel, 8x10"

Within/Without, oil on panel, 24x18" (sold)

Fiery Mind, oil on panel, 8x10" (sold)

Promise, oil on panel, 18x24" 

It was a busy and amazing month!  Thanks to all who came out to the shows!