Selected Personal Work/Commissions

Selected works done from imagination - either for personal work, gallery work, or commission work
Please also see the Paintings for The Left Hand Of Darkness page for more paintings 

If interested in any of the works here that are listed as available, please send an email to inquire

The Voyager, oil on panel, 16x20" (sold)

The Acquisition Of The Sun, oil on panel, 14x11", (sold)

The Dragon Whisperer, oil on panel, 8x10" (sold)
Wrath Of The Tempest, oil on panel, 12x16 (sold)
The Sprite Who Pierced The Darkness, oil on panel, 10x20" (sold)
Return To The Vortex, oil on panel, 16x20" (sold)
Together In Our Memory Pods, oil on panel, 8x10" (sold)

The Mage Of Candor, oil on panel, 9x12" (available, email to inquire)
Stella, oil on panel, 9x12" (sold)
Ayanaa, oil on panel, 8x10" (sold)
Lost For Words, oil on panel, 10x10" (available, email to inquire)
Andra The Altruist, oil on panel, 9x12" (sold)
click here to watch a video interview with Trekell about how this painting started on YouTube

Where We Connect, oil on panel, 5x7" (sold)
The Rune Writer, oil on panel, 10x8" (sold)

Holding Her Fire, oil on panel, 5x7" (sold)
Keeper Of The Sentient Landscape, oil on panel, 10x8" (sold)

Cocoon, oil on panel, 9x12" (available, email to inquire)

Melina, Nymph of the HoneyBees, oil on panel, 5x5" (sold)

Do Not Go Gentle, oil on panel, 5x5" (sold)

Vortex, oil on board, 20x30" (NFS)

Fiery Mind, oil on panel, 8x10" (sold)
Within/Without, oil on panel, 24z18" (sold)

Promise, oil on panel, 18x24" (available, email to inquire)

Harmony In The Ebb And Flow, oil on panel, 16x20" (available, email to inquire)

To Rise Again, oil on panel, 8x10" (available, email to inquire)

Ruya, oil on board, 11x14" (sold)

Courage Is A Shapeshifter, oil on panel, 10x10" (sold)

She - oil on panel, 10x8" (available, email to inquire)

Venus, oil on acrylic/collage on panel (sold)

Heady Machinery, oil on panel, 18x24" (available, email to inquire)

Tightrope Trouper At The Speakeasy, oil on board, 14x18" (sold)

in memory of a good friend, oil on canvas (sold)

The Harvest Whisperer, oil on panel, 9x12" (sold)

Sirens, oil on board, 22x28", (sold)
Selene, oil on gessoed masonite, 8x10" (sold)
Veno, oil on canvas, 24x30" (available, email me to inquire)
Hylonome, oil on canvas, 24x36"
Faye, oil on panel, 5x7" (sold)
Letters To A Young Poet, oil on panel, 12x16" (sold)
Hold True, oil on board, 20x30" (available, email to inquire)
Rhiannon, oil on panel, 10x10" (sold)
Tree Woman In Kakusu Forest, 8x8", graphite on encaustic board with digital sepia (available in graphite, email to inquire)
Holding On And Letting Go, oil on canvas, 24x30" (available, email to inquire)
Runa, mixed media (oil, acrylic on book page/collage) 10x9" (sold)

Mavi, oil on collage on panel, 5x7" (sold)

Arati, oil on collage on panel, 5x5" (sold)
Aki (The song in her eyes), oil on yupo, 4x6" (sold)
Gaia - oil on panel, 9x12" (sold)
Addalla, Warrior of Concord - oil on panel, 3.25x4.24" (sold)

Fiona - oil on panel, 3.5x3.5" (sold)

Glow - oil on panel, 8x8" (sold)
Rayen - oil on panel, 12x9" (available at Rehs Contemporary Galleries)