Saturday, February 27, 2016

new painting - Lady of Mermaid Inn

new painting - Lady of Mermaid Inn
oil on board, 5x7"
posted and sold on Every Day Original here: - Lady of Mermaid Inn

Also, because my day to post on EDO coincided with my day to post on the MuddyColors blog, I've posted a bit of info about the painting along with some progression images on Muddy Colors here: - Painting Progression - Lady of Mermaid Inn

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

sketches from the Legendeer trip to Yosemite

ballpoint pen and gouache with leaf
I finally got around to taking some pics of some of the sketches and quicksketch plein air paintings I did when I was in Yosemite for the Legendeer CA expedition last year (Legendeer CA 2015).  The experience was wonderful beyond words - from the beautiful people who gathered together for the adventure to the beautiful views and hikes we went on - a memorable experience to say the least.  We spent each day hiking and sketching, divided into small groups, and then would meet back at the campsite to hang out, talk about our experience and sketch some more - a lot of times around the campfire into the wee hours of the night, to wake up the next day and do it again.  Our guides were wonderful people with a true love for the earth and what they do. They taught us so much about the environment.

oil on board, each painting is about 8x10"
I brought my easel and oils on a couple hikes (a big shout-out to a couple fellow Legendeers that were so kind to help me carry my stuff because I had a broken hand and was definitely not back to functioning at 100% yet!), and always had my sketchbook with various materials to sketch with.  I also picked up different leaves and things along the way.  A couple of these sketches I've posted have the leaves stuck to the pages of the sketchbook, and I sketched around them.  I was drawn to the pattern in the them that had been chewed by bugs, and thought it would be interested to try to incorporate in a sketch somehow.  The plein air paintings are about 30 minute each. The far left painting of the 3 posted here got a bit messed up from carrying it wet in my bag after painting it.

On the last day, we had the pleasure of painting Paula, who was nice enough to sit for us for a bit.  That day, it rained a little too, which was a great way end the amazing experience.
oil on board, portrait from life

ballpoint pen and gouache with leaf
I also added a bit to a couple of pages in my book of kells sketchbook, inspired by the Yosemite excursion:
acrylic on book pages with words "help to engage" showing through from text on page underneath

Monday, February 15, 2016

new painting - January

oil/acrylic on book page, 6x10"
new painting - January, 6x10", oil and acrylic on book page mounted on board