Sunday, November 13, 2011

SpeakEasy in Boston

Tightrope Trouper at the Speakeasy
oil on board (sold)
ah where does the time go?.....
 ....been busy painting.....
This is a relatively recent painting that was showing last month in Boston at William Scott Gallery in the National Figures group exhibit, curated by Rick Berry and Damon Lehrer.  I had two paintings in the show, this one was more recently finished, and the other painting I've posted previously on this blog here.
I actually went to the show, which was a whirlwind of an adventure, and a wonderful experience that is embedded into my being.  My new work has taken on quite a noticeable evolution.. I'll post some of those paintings here soon too.  I guess I have not been posting here much because, at first, I was somewhat in hibernation, and more importantly because lately, I have come out of hibernation and have been painting up a storm.... plus, I just really lag at posting here, apparently.

also, here is the list of artists in the show... so honored to be included in an exhibit that showcased such an incredible group of artists.

you can see photos from the opening reception on Rick Berry's blog (click here).

good times!
Cheers! after the reception, photo by Irene Gallo


Pieter W. said...

Awesomesauce! Love your handling of the hands (no pun intended...or was it?)

Lol, anyways, great piece!

Vanessa Lemen said...

thanks Pieter!

dako243 said...

It was great to see your two paintings in person, really excellent work! - david d

Vanessa Lemen said...

hi David! thanks! great to be there in person, if for just a bit. it truly was a whirlwind of a trip for me, but I look forward to heading back there sometime hopefully soon! glad you like the work, especially in person. :) thanks again.