Monday, January 19, 2009

Drips the Clown

Drips the Clown (sold)

approx. 82"x32" - acrylic on vinyl banner
(for the 101 Artists Colony banners this year)
I think clowns become sad because most people fear them blindly, and without any kind of understanding of what lies underneath the surface.
this painting really went through a lot of changes
from when it was started to its current state.

...listened to Clogs a lot when I painted this.
click this link to listen (2 songs,
Kapsburger and 5/4 from Lantern)



Anonymous said...

I was able to see you at the Bar Basic Show on Tuesday - I really like your work. I also agree with you about clowns, completely misunderstood. Cheers!

Glenn Brassland said...

Thanks for the shout out to Clogs from their label, Brassland!

Glenn Brassland

Vanessa Lemen said...

so good to know I am akin to someone who is ..alive.. :) thanks for the nice comments.

And thanks, Glenn Brassland! I've taken many journeys to far away places in my mind listening to Clogs while painting. The National too. And has even more great music as well! Thanks for the link.