Thursday, September 27, 2007


I’ve been working on a lot of new paintings over the past few months for a solo show coming up, and as I’d been working on them, I found myself having a harder time making comments about my older work in hindsight as I have been in my other posts.

And so this begins a new chapter in “A Finished Work in Progress”.

Without it, we cannot truly appreciate or grasp the other…and vice versa. Within it, we can go anywhere, do anything, be anything...
...that's my take, at least.

30"x40" oil on canvas
some details below...


val said...

this one really intrigues me; i think because it's got both a bunch of layers, and one main focus.

it also reminds me of how there are all these different schools of literary theory, all the different methods of ways to interpret and take apart written art. deconstruction, reader-response, feminist, marxist, historical, formalism -- all tools in the toolbox. i look at this painting and think, 'i wonder which tool would work best to figure this out?' there are so many things going on in the painting, that i can't decide. and that's really cool. :)

Vanessa said...

that IS really cool.
I think so too.

thanks val.
really.. thanks for your comment.
means a lot. in so many ways.