Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Muse

The Muse, Oil on Canvas, 12x36, Fall 2006 (sold)
This was a vision I had while waking up one morning. I didn’t know where it came from necessarily, but instead of sitting around and wondering, I just started painting and kept going… and this is what came out… hence, the title.

I actually did part of it as a demo for a class I was teaching. While talking about adding a thick more opaque layer over the thin layers underneath, I added the red nose and white face paint for the demo. Since this painting wasn’t using anything as a reference (ie. photo or model), the class was surprised with my additions. I distinctly remember a collective *gasp* when I did it.

If I stop to think about this particular painting, I can see pieces of other paintings I’ve done previously compiled into this one. This is something I noticed in hindsight…
hmmm.. let’s take a look…
I’m definitely seeing some similarities and influence here…

Here’s some info I found about the word ‘muse’ that seemed appropriate to this painting and to my experience painting it…
- Muse: the term refers to a source of inspiration, accessible by artists and generally restricted to artists (artists in a broad sense). The muse is not in itself a delusion, or hallucination, but rather a myth to which writers, musicians, painters and more are able to credit the conception of their art to - those times when the artist has not been actively designing a piece, but spontaneously has an idea for one.
- Muse in modern day terms refers to a guiding spirit or a source of inspiration.
- To be absorbed in one's thoughts; engage in meditation
- The condition of being so lost in solitary thought as to be unaware of one's surroundings
- To think or think about carefully and at length
- To experience dreams or daydreams
- To reflect deeply on a subject

The Muse came spontaneously, but that spontaneity comes from a combination of several aspects of myself – from life, art, other paintings I’ve done, other paintings I’ve seen, dreams, etc - all put into this one painting ...and hopefully others I do as well.


.wade said...

hey - you said you never post, and so i hadn't stopped by in a bit. and now there's new Vanessa paintings for me to see, so that makes for a happy day.

i drew in one of our books last night for you and Ron, and am sending it down for andrew to draw in and deliver.

keep the paintings coming!

Vanessa said...

wade! the book is so awesome! thank you so much!! I can't say it enough. As always, I am in awe.. and honored. Thank you.