Sunday, December 17, 2017

3 recent EDO paintings

I mentioned in my last blog post that the past few months have been pretty crazy busy - because of this, I had sort of taken an unintentional brief hiatus from posting here and updating the other pages with new work.  So, here are 3 of my recent paintings I posted over on Every Day Original.

Nayani, oil on canvas, 4x12" (sold on

Teki, oil on panel, 5x7" 

Teki (above) is available on EveryDayOriginal.  Click here to visit the (Teki) page and view more images and info about this painting.

Arati, oil on collage on panel, 4x4" (sold on

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Two shows and lots of new work!

Well, the last few months have been a blur, crazy busy with a couple shows at the end of October, and other work outside of that as well.  I do have a lot of new work to post - soon!  For now, I am posting a few pics from two shows that were at the end of October - IX Arts in PA, and ARC Select: Contemporary Figures exhibit at Rehs Contemporary Gallery in NYC. 

Below is a pic of my space at IX Arts, and following that are a few images of some of the paintings that were showing in that space.  Then scroll down to see images from the show in NY at Rehs..
at IX Arts 
Freya, oil on yupo, 5x7, (sold)

Koa, oil on panel, 5x7 (sold)

Luma, oil on panel, 8x10 (sold)

Mavi, oil on collage on panel, 5x7 (sold)

Below are pics from the exhibition at Rehs Contemporary Galleries in NYC, as well as images of each of the paintings I showed at the exhibition.
my work at Rehs Contemporary Gallery (shot panoramic, so sort of warped here. scroll down to see pics below for better images of the work)

At Rehs Contemporary Gallery with Marc Scheff and Tim Rees.  Their work was also in this 6-artist show.

At Rehs Contemporary Gallery with Ron 
Harmony In The Ebb And Flow, oil on panel, 16x20"

To Rise Again, oil on panel, 8x10"

Within/Without, oil on panel, 24x18" (sold)

Fiery Mind, oil on panel, 8x10" (sold)

Promise, oil on panel, 18x24" 

It was a busy and amazing month!  Thanks to all who came out to the shows!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

new painting - Diyana

Diyana - oil on collage mounted on masonite, 5x7"

new painting - Diyana - 5x7" oil on collage mounted on masonite.  (Forgot to post this when I'd finished it a week or so ago!) Posted and available on Every Day Original online gallery.  To view more info and to see more detail pics, visit the site by clicking the link here  >> - Diyana by Vanessa Lemen

Diyana thrives by the light of the moon, and wields a magnetic energy, powerful and positive.  

(this painting is sold)


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Do You Know How To Give A Constructive Critique?

I posted a new article on the Muddy Colors blog today.  A little bit about giving a meaningful, helpful, and informative critique rather than just simply stating an opinion with nothing to back it up.  Have a look - click the link:
Do You Know How To Give A Constructive Critique?

Thanks for checking it out.
(image: "The Connoisseur" by Norman Rockwell)

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Let's Be Real: Why Do You Make Art?

words by Joseph Campbell / painting by Vanessa Lemen
(This painting can be seen in ArtOrder's The Journal)

I posted a new article on the Muddy Colors blog // "Let's Be Real: Why Do You Make Art?" // It's essentially about understanding the importance of knowing how to talk about your work.  Click the link below to read the article at

Let's Be Real: Why Do You Make Art? by Vanessa Lemen on

Have a read and let me know what you think.  Thanks!

Friday, July 28, 2017

new painting - Runa

new painting - Runa - oil on bookpages/collage - 10x9"
posted and sold on the online gallery website
click here to view more images on EDO -> Runa by Vanessa Lemen

Runa is a quiet but strong resilience that does not allow for suppression,
and the nature of her strength is transferrable to those who are open in her presence.

(this painting is sold)

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

One Fantastic Week interview - recap of ComicCon

Check out the latest episode on One Fantastic Week - Pete Mohrbacher interviews our group from the Lemenaid booth - with Ron Lemen, me, Sean Murray of Gateway, and Eric Wilkerson representing his illustration work.  We had 1FW's Sam Flegal with us this year in our Lemenaid booth as well and he brought along some of his work for his Havamal project, but he was unable to make it for the 1FW podcast this week.

Click this link to watch the interview: Lemenaid Crew talks SDCC 2017


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

new painting - Aadya

7x10", mixed media
new painting - Aadya
mixed media (oil on acrylic on book page, mounted on board)

Posted and sold at the Every Day Original online gallery.
click here to see more images/details:
Aadya by Vanessa Lemen on

(this painting is sold)

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Influenced By The Environment

I posted a new article over on the Muddy Colors blog -- Influenced By The Environment -- check it out when you get a chance:

Influenced By the Environment by Vanessa Lemen on Muddy

I included some of my sketches and experiments I did in the field while in Zion as well as after returning, and some images of some of the environments and textures I'm drawn to when I'm out and about.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Greetings from Zion!

Just getting back from adventuring in Zion with our group from Legendeer.  I wrote an article about it while I was there, and it's posted on the Muddy Colors blog.  Click here: Greetings From Zion! by Vanessa Lemen on Muddy Colors  to read more, and for many more awesome photos like this one taken by Mahting Putelis.  It was an amazing trip, and I'm coming back inspired and ready to paint!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

new painting - Darya

new painting - Darya
oil on board, 8x10"

Posted and available at
click the link for more info and pics:
Darya -

She carries the ocean with her, and finds the calm amid the chaos.

(this painting is sold)

Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Fusion Of Imprints And Oil Paint

I posted an article on the Muddy Colors blog with info and pics demonstrating how I created my recent painting, Avril, and more specifically how I created the abstract marks in the painting.
Click here for the link:
A Fusion Of Imprints And Oil Paint on Muddy Colors

Friday, May 5, 2017

new painting - Avril

new painting - Avril
5.75 x 7", oil on gessoed board
Posted and sold on

To view more images and details on EDO,
click here > Avril on EveryDayOriginal

Avril is open and ready for new beginnings.

(this painting is sold)

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Observe, It's the Foundation

..posted a new article on the Muddy Colors blog Observe, It's the Foundation
It's a bit about the balance of foundation and invention/imagination.

click the link below:
Observe, It's the Foundation - by Vanessa Lemen on Muddy Colors

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

new painting - Sabine

new painting - Sabine - mixed media (ink, acrylic, oil) on yupo paper mounted to board - 4x6"

Posted and available at

click here for the link to view more images and more info
Sabine - EveryDayOriginal

Sabine is strong and courageous. The journey she has traveled to become who she is has not been without difficulty or uncertainty, and she is all the more enduring because of it.

(this painting is sold)

Sunday, March 5, 2017

new painting - Rai

new painting - Rai
mixed media - acrylic ink and oil on yupo paper
art is approx. 7x8" on 9x12" paper
posted and available at

click here for the link:
Rai -

Trust your intuition… but if you ever find yourself in doubt, you can look to Rai for guidance.

(this painting is sold)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

my recent articles on Muddy Colors

Here are a couple links to my most recent articles on

Returning From Within - an article about my recent hibernation spawned by current chaos, and a thanks to all the artists out there who, by sharing their vision, are answering our call out for hope when we might feel lost.
“When the noise of the external world is muting the sound of the internal world, our intuition pays the price.”
Click here: Returning From Within - 

Hope and Experiments - a demonstration on how I created the painting, Hope, and more specifically, how to make the bubble texture.
Click here: Hope and Experiments -


Friday, January 27, 2017

new painting (mixed media) - Hope

new painting - Hope, mixed media (acrylic, ink, graphite) on paper
7x10" on 9x12" paper.

Posted today and available at the Every Day Original website

Click here for the link:
Hope -

In moments of adversity, it’s because of Hope that we rise up to meet our challenges with courage, strength, and resilience.

'Hope' - start on left, finish on right
(this painting is sold)