so far, much of 2019 has been a blur

I have fallen behind on updates here, but hope to make up for it in the coming days. My dad passed away this year and much of anything else has been a blur. I've continued to work, and have a lot of new work to share that I've done this year so far, and some new work I can't share just yet. Some exciting news, some roller coaster riding, and a lot of hibernating while working. To anyone who reads this, thank you for the amazing support throughout my journey, for celebrating with me during the high moments, and especially for being there in the difficult times when I needed it most.

I hope you enjoy these few images in the meantime until I can organize my new updates here.

The Acquisition Of The Sun, oil on panel, 14x11" (sold)

The Rune Writer, oil on panel, 10x8" (sold)

Keeper Of The Sentient Landscape, 10x8" (sold)


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